About Us

Welcome to C M K Study Centre

C M K Study Centre caters for elite student tennis players that desire to train, travel and compete at a high level without falling behind on their studies.

We are more than just a Home School; We understand the challenges faced by parents and student athletes in their academic journey and alleviate the extra responsibility on the parent by instilling focus and discipline required for academic excellence.

We boast highly qualified and experienced full-time educators who are available for a minimum of 5hrs every weekday. This removes the uncertainty that parents have regarding transition from a normal school to home school.

Student athletes, therefore, enjoy face to face tutorials in all their subjects, receive guidance with assignments as well as exam preparations.

Each student’s tutorials are adapted to their tennis or sports program.

We have the capability to deliver on-line Face to Face tutorials for our learners through platforms such as WhatsApp, Zoom and Skype. This enables our learners to keep up to date with their academic schedule when travelling for tournaments locally or outside the country.

With the commitment of our learners, our parents and the academic staff, we passed the covid-19 test with flying colours as all our students remained up to date with their academic programmes through on-line tutorials.

To cap it all; C M K Study Centre is located within a 100m from a top class Tennis Academy (Real Athletes Tennis Academy) and Bedfordview Country Club in Bedfordview.

We have a safe and secure boarding facility for out of town and international students.

Our Motto

The Best And Nothing Else!


To be a top tier Tennis supporting Study Centre in South Africa.

We shall partner with various stakeholders to provide a balanced academic platform that enables our student tennis players to achieve on their academic and sporting projects.


"Working hard in a consistent manner pays off"